Maya Immersion & Waterfall

Riding off the beaten path on narrow and rocky roads you will arrive at a Mayan community. The friendly Mopan or Ketchi villagers will give you a tour around their community where you will explore unique caves such as the Gibnut, Blue Creek, and Tiger caves, to name a few. After the tour you will be served with the best Mayan food you will ever feast upon. In the afternoon relax at the refreshing Rio Blanco waterfall before heading back to Punta Gorda.

Departing town at 7:30 am returning at 5:00 PM

Day 1
San Jose Maya Immersion & Waterfall

A one hour drive off the beaten path on narrow, rocky roads will take you to the Cacao Capital of Toledo– San Jose Village. The friendly Maya & Ketchi villagers will tour you around the village and explore the unique Gibnut Cave on a jungle hike.


2 pax = $155 USD/pp

3-5 pax = $115 USD/pp

6-10 pax = $90 USD/pp

Add 12.5% Government Sales Tax

What’s Included? Complimentary hotel pick up and drop off in Punta Gorda Town, water, snacks, lunch, entrance fees

What to Bring? Towel, Change of Clothes, Hiking Shoes, Insect repellant, sunblock