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Park Ranger Experience

Work In Our Protected Areas

Park Ranger Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a pristine environment, helping to ensure its protection, on a daily basis? Want to know what’s involved in tropical ecosystem management? Then look no further than our Park Ranger Experience.

Our Park Ranger Experience is perfect for those looking for a truly immersive experience, where you can work alongside experienced terrestrial rangers as they go about their normal routine, and is ideal for small groups (four persons maximum) or individuals who want to travel with purpose and gain intimate knowledge of their surroundings.

During the program, you will work in one of TIDE’s two terrestrial protected areas; the TIDE Private Protected Lands, or Payne’s Creek National Park.

The TIDE Private Protected Lands, is a collection of land parcels, privately owned by TIDE, and managed in trust for the people of Belize. Predominantly comprised of tropical broadleaf forest, the land parcels are situated along the Rio Grande River, and the main ranger station is located on the riverbank about a twenty-minute boat ride from Punta Gorda town. Rangers devote their time to reforestation along the riverbank, trail maintenance, bird monitoring, and hicatee turtle monitoring. Currently, participants are taken to the field site each day by boat, and stay at their homestay accommodation in Punta Gorda overnight. In 2019, we are building a new facility at the station, to allow overnight stays in the park.

Payne’s Creek National Park is comprised of pine savannah habitat, surrounding a complex mangrove lagoon system, and is a forty-five-minute boat ride from Punta Gorda town. The ranger station is located on the banks of the lagoon, and the fresh pine scent is an instant reminder that you are completely surrounded by nature. Here, the rangers focus much of their time on maintaining fire lines, endangered yellow-headed parrot monitoring, bird monitoring and trail maintenance. During fieldwork days, participants stay in our rustic bunkhouse accommodation within the park, helping to prepare meals alongside the ranger team, and waking up to the sound of the local parrot population.

Due to the changing work demands of our two terrestrial ranger teams, your project site is determined by us shortly before your program begins, to ensure that we are placing you with the team that needs you most.

Your typical program schedule will look like this:

1 Week Schedule

Office based conservation activities





Free time, why not explore the area through TIDE Tours!

Departure & Free time!

Other Weeks

Arrive in Punta Gorda






Free time, why not explore the area through TIDE Tours!


On your arrival day and over the weekend, you will stay with a local homestay family, who will provide you with hearty local meals and a comfortable place to stay, in private rooms (or shared if booking as a group). Your homestay family will make you feel welcome in Belize, and you will soon become part of the family!

Your orientation day includes a tour of Punta Gorda town, meeting TIDE staff and learning about our work and how your contribution is helping, and a leisurely kayaking tour on the local creek.

On Mondays (excluding your first orientation day), you will help different members of the TIDE team with tasks around the office that are in need of support. This may be helping the science team to input data, helping to paint educational signage for the parks, or getting involved with educational programs in local schools. Similar activities are arranged in the event of a very rainy day!

Throughout your field work and office days, you will have an experienced local guide assigned to you, who will look after you every step of the way, and will ensure your experience is as unforgettable as Belize!

Weekends are yours to explore the local area, so why not take advantage of some of the exciting excursions TIDE Tours offers? We offer all our Park Ranger participants a 10% discount on our tours (excluding marine tours).



Program duration

Price per person in USD

1 week


2 weeks


Additional weeks


 *Note – seasonal and group discounts may apply!

 With dates available year-round, get in touch to reserve your place!

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