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Starting at 6am, this tour will take you hiking up Cerro Hill, just five minutes from Punta Gorda Town. As you journey up the trail, your guide will point out local flora and fauna that you pass, and of course, the many diverse birds found in this area. Upon reaching the summit, enjoy the breathtaking…

From: $65 $55 Plus Taxes / per person

The hike to the cave is on a gentle incline, and towards the top areas where you will need to clamber up and climb around small rock formations, so a certain level of fitness and agility is required for this tour.

From: $90 $75 Plus Taxes / per person

This full day tour takes you through the Toledo district in one day, visiting homes in Punta Gorda Town, Forest Home and Big Falls, and concludes with a Garifuna drumming lesson that makes for a memorable end to the day!

From: $115 Plus Taxes / per person

Chocolate Farm – Eladio’s Chocolate Farm Indulge in the sweet art of chocolate making at Eladio’s chocolate farm during this half day tour.

From: $85 $69 Plus Taxes / per person

The site is unique in this region due to its rounded corners on structures and the way the limestone blocks have been carved to fit together, rather than using mortar.

From: $77 $41 Plus Taxes / per person

Start with a tour of their traditional home, learning how natural products found in the forest are used to build homes, make kitchen utensils and musical instruments, amongst other things! Then, learn how the Maya prepare fresh corn and cacao using a traditional grinding stone, known locally as a matate, and enjoy a refreshing cacao…

From: $95 $54 Plus Taxes / per person

Traveling back down the coastline, stop at the village of Punta Negra, a tiny community only accessible by boat. The ladies of the village will prepare a fresh seafood lunch, then you will learn how to make Miss Paula’s fresh coconut fudge. You will also have time to enjoy the quiet beach and take a…

From: $195 $135 Plus Taxes / per person

The structures are centered around three plazas. Within these three areas, you can find the Plaza of the Stellae where the 26 monuments were discovered, and the Plaza of the Royal Tombs, where three tombs have now been excavated. There is also a ballcourt – and whilst the rules of the game are unknown, the…

From: $65 $41 Plus Taxes / per person

Visit the spectacular waterfalls in the Rio Blanco National Park on this half day tour. Just a short walk from the highway, you will feel like you are a million miles away from civilization at this site.

From: $65 $40 Plus Taxes / per person

You will have the opportunity to visit the TIDE marine ranger station in the heart of the reserve to learn from rangers about the management of the reserve, and relax on the sandy beach of West Snake Caye and in the shallow clear blue waters.

From: $129 Plus Taxes / per person

Spice farm – Aromatic Farm Tour Experience This tour is a delight to the senses. Walk through gardens of vibrant flowers, smell the aroma of freshly growing spices, and taste the many varieties of local seasonings.

From: $95 $80 Plus Taxes / per person