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The structures are centered around three plazas. Within these three areas, you can find the Plaza of the Stellae where the 26 monuments were discovered, and the Plaza of the Royal Tombs, where three tombs have now been excavated. There is also a ballcourt – and whilst the rules of the game are unknown, the…

From: $65 $41 Plus Taxes / per person

Visit the spectacular waterfalls in the Rio Blanco National Park on this half day tour. Just a short walk from the highway, you will feel like you are a million miles away from civilization at this site.

From: $65 $40 Plus Taxes / per person

Be pampered by the amazing Indira Andrewin, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. This package includes a one-on-on outdoor yoga session, a facial, and your choice of massage and body wrap. Massage choices include deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, and much more. Wrap your entire body in luxury with body wraps such as chocolate and…

From: $225 Plus Taxes / per person

Spice farm – Aromatic Farm Tour Experience This tour is a delight to the senses. Walk through gardens of vibrant flowers, smell the aroma of freshly growing spices, and taste the many varieties of local seasonings.

From: $95 $80 Plus Taxes / per person